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YAG Laser Procedure

Problems after cataract surgery are rare but can occur. Sometimes the tissue that encloses the artificial intraocular lens becomes cloudy and blurs the vision. This is called an after-cataract. This can develop months or even years after cataract surgery. This outpatient procedure is treated with a laser, called YAG laser capsulotomy.

What to expect


The doctor will first use drops to dilate the pupil and then use a laser to make a tiny hole in the eye tissue behind the lens to let light pass through it. This outpatient procedure takes just minutes to perform. Most patients will have instant improvement nizagara to their vision while others will notice a gradual improvement over several days. Most doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory drops for a few days after.

How to prepare

No preparation is necessary, and patients may resume prednisone normal activities immediately.