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Cataract Surgery with ORA

Our surgery center offers ORA, real time micro-measurements taken during cataract surgery. Wavefront eye-mapping technology allows your surgeon to make minute adjustments, which increase the chance of excellent vision post-surgery.

The ORA system allows our cataract surgeons to take precise measurements at any point in the surgery and change course if necessary to ensure each patient enjoys the best possible visual outcome. This is particularly critical for patients who have had LASIK or have astigmatism to give them the best chance to have great vision without glasses.

How does ORA work

The ORA System™ utilizes intraoperative wavefront aberrometer, similar to the technology that has made LASIK a customized, precise procedure. A low-intensity beam of laser light is directed into the eye. The laser light reflects off the patient’s retina and sensors in the aberrometer measure optical characteristics in the reflected light. What does that mean? It gives the surgeon an accurate, real-time measurement of the eye’s focusing capabilities at any time during surgery. That helps your surgeon chose the best intraocular lens power and astigmatism correction.

Is ORA right for you?

Ask your Eye Surgeon if you can benefit from the ORA system testing during your cataract surgery.